Sunday, November 27, 2005

Christmas With The Kranks

OK, its an older movie, but I just watched this on DVD. I love christmas and decorating, so it was interesting to watch a show about NOT decorating for Christmas.

And while there were parts of the movie that were a bit out there, I enjoyed the theme of community and reaching out to help others, even if they don't seem to deserve it.

Sadly, most places where people live today don't have that sense of community. Even in sheltered, association-bound communities there is such a turnover of homeowners, and people's lives are so hectic, that it is rare to have relationships within the community, much less an actual "community".

I remember a movie with Chevy Chase, "Funny Farm", where Chevy and his wife move out to the country. At some point he bribes the town to do an authentic country christmas, like in the Norman Rockwell pictures. They do a great job, and it always saddens me when I see it to realise it's just a fake (I mean, even in the movie, which of course is fake, the christmas itself is faked).

I wish I lived in a neighborhood which had garden competitions, or blocks all decorated for christmas.

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