Thursday, October 06, 2005

People Don't Keep Up Their Blogs

When I started this blog, I wanted to not be like so many others who worked for a week or so and then just stopped.

My first attempt failed, crushed under the end-of-summer rush followed by the start-of-school-year rush.

Plus, I have found it's a lot more fun sometimes to just write comments to other people's blogs than it is to put stuff in your own blog.

Anyway, today someone made a comment to an old post of mine, and it woke me up. So here I am.

Lot's has happened since last I was here. Cindy Sheehan is gone now, back home although she still threatens to strike again. Since we last saw her, she has protested the American occupation of New Orleans, and hooked up with the VFW for some long-term Katrina relief that lasted only a short time before they mysteriously packed up and left the volunteers hanging. There may be an investigation related to that. Cindy also has started accepting money for speaking.

There was a huge anti-war rally in DC (well, not really huge by normal standards, but I'm feeling generous). At the rally the WMD sensors picked up biological agents which turned out to be Rabbit Fever or something like that -- When we talk about the great unwashed masses, we don't mean that literally.

Roberts was confirmed after he turned out to be smarter than the entire democrat side of the judiciary combined. Although regardless of his impeccable credentials, 22 democrats (that is 1/2 if you don't count jumping jim jeffords) voted against the man they said was the best nominee they had EVER seen.

But now we have Harriet Miers. A lot of people say she is stupid, although there is no evidence of that, or at least unqualified, although there is little evidence of that. But what is really scary is that Harry Reid, who voted NO on Robers (I guess thinking him unqualified) not only likes Harriet, but actually recommended her. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at his monday staff meeting -- "OK, who put HER name on the list? I did, but it was just a joke, I didn't know he'd actually PICK her!!!"

Indictments are coming in the Plame investigation. Today lots of lefties were salivating over the possibility that Rove would be one of them, I've heard conflicting information but I don't see the point of trying to predict the future when I have no control over it and it doesn't effect me.

Indictments have already hit Tom DeLay. Last week a grand jury handed down a single count of conspiracy before disbanding. Unfortunately for the prosecutor, it was an indictment for a crime that wasn't actually a CRIME until a year after the activity was alleged to have occured.

Undaunted, Earle ran to another Grand Jury, presented his evidence, and, well, they turned him down. Apparently you can indict a ham sandwich, but sometimes your case is so bad you can't. But wait. Earle, realising that the reason TWO CONSECUTIVE GRAND JURIES had looked at the evidence and failed to indict was that they had LOOKED AT THE EVIDENCE.

Well, he had the cure for that-- on monday he called up another grand jury, and before they had even finished orientation he got THEM to indict DeLay again, this time for something that is actually a crime. Of course, he has no evidence that Tom DeLay actually COMMITTED that crime, which is why two Grand Juries refused to indict, but at least for the democrats it keeps DeLay out of his leadership post for a while longer.

There was Katrina and Rita. And the New Orleans Flood, and the News Media having a meltdown, accusing the poor black people in New Orleans of unspeakable crimes that turned out to be false. To liberals, it is apparently perfectly believable that black people would eat corpses, and can be counted on to kill, rape, and plunder their fellow citizens if there isn't a large enough police presence. The result of Katrina was tragic, but the damage to the image of inner-city blacks painted by the news media will take some time to correct (and much longer if the democrats have their way -- the liberals can't stand the thought that their constituents might figure out they can take care of themselves).

If I ran a hospital that was below sea level and protected by a 3-foot wall, I think I'd put my electric generators above the water level, or build a waterproof room for it.

Trent Lott's house got blown away, but we shouldn't feel sorry for him or say anything kind about him. Lest we be accused of being racists.

I'm sure other important things happened while I was out. For example, there was a terrorist attack at the Oklahoma football game last saturday, although the news media is mostly ignoring it. (Google search on Joel Hinrich to learn the slowly evolving details of his suicide bombing and possible ties to islamic terrorists).

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